This is something really close to my heart – my final degree project back in 2008. Many sweet memories of IDC,IIT Bombay are connected with this. It was not a group project, we had to do everything on our own, starting from the scratch concept to the final product. I loved and lived every single moment of it.

When I started, I didn’t know anything about any software, except Photoshop. In fact, I made a few of the scenes in Flash , but then I learnt so much in the process. I admit there are many scenes here, taken from known cinematics but I guess that was the best way to learn the power of ‘proper timing’ and ‘composition’ for someone who is doing everything for the first time. I always used to be fascinated by the game cinematics, like how in just few minutes they narrate the gist of a story and have a powerful impact. And while creating my first film, I wanted all these elements in it.

sketch5I started with researching Indian Mythology, which is my favorite subject, and choose the character ‘Arjun’ ‘coz of his unique characteristics and his dual personality. I wanted to concentrate more on the composition, timing and storytelling part rather than compressing the huge content in to a few minutes. So instead of trying to narrate his whole story I choose only a part of it, where he loses his son ‘Abhimanyu’ in the battle of Kurukshetra and fights back in rage on 18th day.

Hope you guys like it,
-Ajay Singh Supahiya

List of awards, film received in various festivals –

24 FPS. Nov, 2008 | received “Best Animation, Student” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Anifest 08 | International Film Festival. Aug, 2008 received “Best Animation, Student” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Annecy 08 | International Film Festival France | June, 2008 | Animated short “ARJUN” was screened in Annecy 08 France.

FILMSAAZ 09 | National Film Festival of Short Films. March, 2009 received “Best Background Score” for the Animation Short  “ARJUN”.

Golden Cursor awards, March, 2008 | received “Best Animation, Student” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

16:9 International Film Festival. Feb, 2008 | received Silver for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Digital All Movement International Film Festival, Jan, 2008 | received “Best Animation and Visual effects” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.